» The direct route to your investors «
EQS COCKPIT, our advanced news distribution technology, is your central platform for distributing regulatory disclosure and news securely, efficiently and in a user-friendly way. The international reach of EQS’s extensive financial media network empowers you to communicate effectively with your investors 24/7, the world over.
» Integrating digital communications as no other provider does «
At EQS, we integrate an innovative regulatory disclosure and news service that includes an extensive financial media network with all the digital corporate communications solutions you need to reach your audience effectively.
» Making your life easier through tailored digital communications solutions «
Whether you need advanced regulatory disclosure and news services, innovative corporate or IR websites, apps, interactive IR tools, audience-friendly audio webcasts or award-winning digital reports, our solutions are designed to help you create strong relationships with your stakeholders.

» Our tailored solutions «

For your perfect composition

eRegulatory disclosure & news

EQS Group goes beyond best practice, ensuring the most effective and efficient financial disclosure and press release distribution to reach the widest international audience, complying with both UK and international regulations.

cIR websites and tools

We guide and support you closely through all stages of design, implementation and management of your site – offering you a full range of IR charting solutions and tools, all tailored to your corporate brand.

wCorporate websites

Our services cover the full spectrum from consulting, concept development and screen design, to the technical implementation based on the cutting edge web technology standards as well hosting, service and proactive support.

pDigital reporting

Our award-winning interactive online annual reports ensure consistency across your IR communications, IR websites and printed financial reports. As sustainability is becomes an ever more important issue, EQS ensures the ideal online presentation of your sustainability report.

iApps and mobile

Bespoke design and functionality for apps, providing clear and concise information that is easily accessible both online and offline. Our Archive App organises and displays all your publications on a digital bookshelf, creating a virtual library for your news, reports and presentations.

aAudio & video webcasts

We offer transparent and simultaneous communication with all your stakeholders – with reliable and flawless broadcasts of your events, live and on demand. With our state-of-art webcasting platform, we transmit over 300 live and on demand audio and video events annually.

Our solutions 1